? 整理人:路老师

Unit 1 期末复习过关词汇卷

1. 重点词组检测

1. 用英语说它?say it in English?2.遇见他 meet him

3. 他的电话号码?his telephone number?4.她的名字her first/given name

5. 他的姓 ?his family/last name?6.一位中学生 a middle school student

7. 把A介绍给B introduce A to B?8.向某人做自我介绍introduce oneself to sb.

9. 拿出一张纸 ?take out a piece of paper?10.把它放进包里 put it in a bag

11. 和你的朋友练习它practice it with your friend ?12.练习做某事 practice doing sth.

13.说英语 speak English?14.第三中学 No. 3 Middle School

2. 重点句型

1. 问候Greeting

Hi/Hello! Good morning / afternoon/evening!

你好吗?How are you ?/ How are you doing ?/ How is everything going?

回答:Fine,thank you. And you?—-I’m fine,too. /Very well,thanks. /I’m OK.

你好!(常用于初次见面)—How do you do? —How do you do?

—Nice/Glad to meet you ! —Nice/Glad to meet you,too!

2.这个 this — 这些these (近处) 那个 that — 那些 those(远处)

This is a/an ….(不可缩写) 变复数为 These are ……

That’s a/an ….. 变复数为Those are….

3.这些(那些)是什么?他们是钥匙。What are these(those)? They’re keys.

4.这个(那个)用英语怎么说?是大象。What’s this(that) in English ? It’s an elephant.

5.这个橘子是什么颜色?是橘黄色的。What color is this orange? It’s orange.

那是什么?是橘子。 What’s that? It’s an orange.

6.请拼写它。Spell it , please.

你能拼这个单词吗? Can you spell the word?

是的。是subject. Yes, (I can). It’s S-U-B-J-E-C-T,subject.

7.你怎么拼写这个词?How do you spell it ? B-double-O-K, book.

8.它是什么颜色?是棕色。What color is it? It’s brown.

9.这(那)是什么?是被子。What’s this(that)? It’s a quilt.

10.这些(那些)是什么?是夹克衫。What are these(those)? They’re jackets.

11.你叫什么名字? What’s your name? My name is …. = My name’s …

12.My name’s Mike.= I’m Mike. Her name’s Mary.= She’s Mary.

13.他(她)叫什么名字?Eric/Mary。What’s his(her)name? His/Her name’s ….

14.它叫什么名字?Kitty. What’s its name? Its name’s Kitty.=It’s Kitty.

15.你是学生?是。Are you a student? Yes, I am.(回答不可缩写)

16.你们是老师?不,不是。Are you teachers? No, we aren’t.


What’s your telephone number? My telephone number’s …./It’s…

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